Zealots are special enemies that only appear in Campaign mode of The Unseelie Court. They have no encyclopedia entry.


Zealots do not spawn from the regular entrances, but from the archways at the eastern corners of the map. They appear in the following waves:

  • Wave 3 (3 from the southeast corner)
  • Wave 5 (3 from the northeast corner)
  • Waves 8 and 11 (2 from each corner)

After a Zealot spawns, she'll walk towards the ritual circle in front of her. When a Zealot reaches her destination, she'll summon either three Satyr Cutthroats and a Satyr Hoplite; or three Twilight Harassers and a Twilight Scourger or Twilight Avenger or three Twilight Scourgers from the nearest summoning circle. A second after finishing this ritual, the Zealot falls over, dead. Summoned enemies are identical to their regular counterparts, but give no gold when killed.

Heroes and Reinforcements can be put on the Zealots' path to block them and prevent them from reaching the ritual circle, but if a Zealot reaches the circle and begins summoning, she cannot be interrupted and won't fight back if attacked.


  • Kill the Zealot before it reaches the summoning circle! Twilight Scourgers, Twilight Avengers and Satyr Hoplites are all tricky enemies to kill (as well as a few lesser enemies) and they don't give you gold making them (the enemies and the Zealot) very obnoxious. Plus 40 bounty for a fairly easy to kill enemy is quite helpful especially in the two earlier waves where they appear.