Pedia mob Yeti
HP 1600/2000/2400
Damage 50-150
Armor Rating None
Magic Resistance None
Speed Slow
Lives Taken 5
Bounty 120
Abilities Area Attack
Yetis are extremely durable winter beasts that can damage multiple opponents simultaneously.


Large ape-man like creature that can obliterate scores of soldiers with one strike.

These are based on the Yetis of legend, that live in cold places in the Himalayan Mountains. They have a coat of shaggy white fur and are rather violent.

Yetis are dangerous creatures to deal with. Their high health makes them invulnerable to all but the strongest defenses, and only paladins can stave off their attacks for long. Fortunately, they are slow, and have no resistances to any damage type.


  • Yetis are among the most durable enemies in Kingdom Rush. For this reason, the Musketeer Garrison's Sniper Shot ability and the Arcane Wizard's Death Ray are particularly useful against Yetis; both abilities can kill an enemy in a single hit. The Sorcerer Mage's polymorph ability can also be useful, however you'll lose out the significant bounty of the Yeti.
  • Keep your soldiers away from these enemies! The Yeti's area attack will kill them very quickly.
    • Low level soldiers (from level 1 to 3) is completely useless versus a Yeti.
    • In contrast, Paladins with Healing Light III and Shield of Valor can survive indefinitely against the giant mooks. A group of Paladins can block up to 3-4 Yetis at once and still able to resist their area attacks. Use this to your advantage.
    • Barbarians won't survive very long in the fray, but can inflict a lot of damage with More Axes and Throwing Axes abilities. For this reason, grouping Paladins in front of them, or use your hero and Reinforcements to block the Yeti is a good tactic.


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