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Xin the Panda Monk is a Hero in Kingdom Rush: Origins, unlocked by paying $4.99 as an in-app purchase. He starts at level 5.



Xin 1 DARING STRIKE (active) (3/3/3 hero points):

In the blink of an eye, Xin attacks the most powerful enemy, dealing 100-140/160-250/230-350 damage.

Xin 2 INSPIRE(active) (2/2/2 hero points):

Xin's furious roar inspires nearby allies to deal double damage for 3/5/7 seconds.

Xin 3 MIND OVER BODY (active) (1/1/1 hero points):

Xin drinks his special concoction, healing himself for 60/120/190 health over 4/6/9 seconds.

Xin 4 PANDA STYLE (active) (2/2/2 hero points):

An ancient secret technique that deals 30-55/55-100/80-140 area damage to all nearby enemies.

Hero Spell

Xin 5 PANDAEMONIUM (active) (4/4/4 hero points):

Calls 4/5/6 panda warriors that quickly attack enemies, each dealing 120/160/180 damage.


Level HP Magic Damage Armor Respawn
1 330 10-14 Low 20s
2 360 11-17 Low 20s
3 390 13-20 Low 20s
4 420 15-23 Low 20s
5 450 17-25 Low 20s
6 480 19-28 Low 20s
7 510 20-31 Low 20s
8 540 22-33 Low 20s
9 570 24-36 Low 20s
10 600 25-40 Low 20s

Tips and Tricks

Despite what his stats might suggest, Xin is not a tank or a lone fighter :

  • His high health and armor plus regeneration skill helps him to tank a bit, but he will still fall quickly in one-on-one combat versus tougher enemies.
  • His movement speed and attack rate are low.
  • His Daring Strike skill will often make him attack other enemies than the currently targeted one, lowering his damage potential.

However, he is a great support character when mixed with barracks :

  • Inspire can transform soldiers and reinforcements into killing machines, doubling their damage output for 7 seconds. Luckily, the skill recharge fast, giving an almost permanent buff to the units around him.
  • Panda Style allows him to kill lower tier enemies, so your soldiers can concentrate on stalling more dangerous foes.
  • Pandaemonium is good at catching small leaks and killing weak enemies, and can be used to help a choke point that is in difficulty. The spell is also useful at killing somewhat stronger foes such as Hoplites, or weakening much stronger enemies.
  • When teleporting with Daring Strike, the currently targeted enemy will stay blocked.
  • If Xin is ordered to move to a different location while using Daring Strike, he will teleport to that spot upon the move's completion, somewhat supporting his mobility.


  • Panda Style!
  • Fear is the only darkness.
  • Oh-hoh-hoh-hoah!
  • Skadoosh!
  • (death) Ooh!


  • "Panda Style!" - Many styles of martial arts are named after animals, some of which are seen as Kutsao's skills.
  • "Fear is the only darkness." - A line spoken by Master Po in the 1972 TV Series 'Kung Fu'.
  • "Oh-hoh-hoh-hoah!" - Though not instantly obvious in written form, when spoken it is the opening chant of the song 'Kung Fu Fighting' by Carl Douglas.
  • "Skadoosh!" - The catchphrase of Po, the lead character and titular 'Kung Fu Panda' from the 2008 Dreamworks film.
  • Xin is possibly inspired by the world of warcraft expansion , Mists of Pandaria which added the race pandarians and the class monk. Also his move inspire is in WoW and has the relatively effect.


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