Worg Riders are Orc Champions mounted on black Worgs that only appear in Elite goblin levels of Kingdom Rush.


Fearsome enemies that fight from the back of their battle-ready mounts. They dismount only when their Worg dies.

Worg Riders are very similar to Winter Wolves from the mountains: sufficient combat stats to outpace Paladins, the good old wolf speed, the wolf's high magic resistance combined with the rider's armor. Worg Riders demand you to upgrade your barracks, archer, and mages, because 30 average damage isn't pleasant, and they also have the HP to shrug off artillery shells.

When the Worg is killed, the Orc Champion dismounts and continues moving towards the exit.


  • These foes are hard to fight because of their magic resistance. The best way to deal with them is a fully-upgraded Tesla x104 or a Rangers Hideout with poison arrows. Use soldiers to slow them down if you need.


  • When a frozen Worg Rider is killed, the dismounting Orc Champion will be thawed.
  • A Lightning Bolt will kill both the rider and the wolf if it deals the killing blow.
  • The Worg being ridden is noticeably bigger and darker than regular Worg. It has the same amount of hit points as Orc Champion. And it gives a bounty of 25 gold when killed.
  • In the Steam Version, they are known as Orc Worg Riders.