Worgs are the larger cousin of the Wulf, and are also close relatives of the Winter Wolf and Demon Hound. They are very fast, can dodge melee attacks, and have moderate resistance to magic.


Cunning fast beasts that can dodge melee attacks and resist magic attacks.

Worgs are difficult enemies to kill. They are fast, ruling out most artillery as an option; their magic resistance and high hit points allow them to bypass magic and archer towers, and their ability to dodge melee attacks and high damage nullifies the effectiveness of barracks. They also tend to come in numbers, multiplying their deadliness. However, with a bit of strategic positioning and proper upgrades, these beasts can be torn to shreds quickly and effectively.

Worgs do not activate Graveyards when killed, for they are beasts, not humanoids.


Avoid relying too much on Barracks and Reinforcements against Worgs. Their ability to dodge melee attacks makes them difficult for soldiers to kill. Use them to stop the Worgs instead, then utilize your towers and hero to take the Worgs out. Archers are a good choice against all wolves; their high firing speed ensures that they will deal damage before the speedy wolves move out of range or defeat the soldiers. Artillery is also a solid option since the Howitzer can blow Worgs out with a good few hits; however, these towers require the use of soldiers to stall the Worgs or else the bombs will miss. Finally, Worgs are resistant to magic, so if possible, steer away from Mages.