Witch Doctors are savage shamans, encountered in the jungle in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, who possess the ability to heal their allies.


Aboriginal healers that use a secret mojo to heal their tribal brothers.

Unlike other healers (Shamans, Sand Wraiths, and Twilight Evokers), Witch Doctors are very competent at their job: they don't need to do anything to heal nearby enemies, while mostly still keeping the same healing rate. As such, they can drastically boost the survivability of other savages, especially Savage Warriors, who can raise their own maximum HP through cannibalizing soldiers.


Witch Doctors are high priority targets: taking one down early can save a lot of firepower for other enemies. There are multiple ways to effectively counter them:

  • The first way, obviously, is to kill them first and foremost. Due to their usual position in front of other enemies, this can be done easily with a burst of power from Archmages or Barrage.
  • The Tribal Axethrowers can be used to temporarily disable the healing aura.
  • In reverse, you can kill other enemies quickly so they cannot benefit from the healing of Witch Doctors.


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