Winter Wolves, called White Wolves in the Steam version, are swift foes, like their cousins the Wulf, Worg and Demon Hound. They have moderate resistance to magic attacks but are still relatively durable against everything else.


Cunning & deadly, these beasts can defeat all but the best warriors.

They are similar in looks to their relatives: Wulves, Worgs, and Demon Hounds. However, you can clearly see they are adapted to cold, with sleek white fur, and are much more deadly than a plain old' Wulf. They possess intricate runes carved on their teeth at birth, allowing them resistance against magic.

Winter Wolves are particularly dangerous because their health is higher than an average Worg, and allows them to slip through even the most carefully-planned defenses. Barracks work well, but because these beasts can dodge melee attacks, don't expect your soldiers to finish them off: use plenty of support!


  • Archer towers are a good choice against all wolves; their high firing speed ensures that they will deal damage before the speedy wolves move out of range.
  • These enemies are resistant to magic, so use non-magical towers if possible.