Wererats are stronger versions of Giant Rats that appear in the Curse of Castle Blackburn mini-campaign in the Steam, iOS, and Android versions of Kingdom Rush.


Driven by hunger and hate, these vile creatures revel in rot and decay.

Wererats have low armor and quite a bit of health, but their main advantage is the ability to tear through barracks with their disease spreading and their speed, even faster than Giant Rats. They also usually spawn in groups, so artillery and particularly Teslas are very effective against them.


  • Because Wererats always come in groups, the Tesla x104 or the Big Bertha are very effective against them. The Cluster Launcher Xtreme can almost halve the health of a whole mob.
  • Rangers Hideout with the Wrath of the Forest upgrade can stop them and deal good damage. Poison Arrows can also deal some damage to them since the arrows are unable to reach their utmost potential thanks to low armor rating that the Wererat possesses.
  • Do not use Barracks or send Heroes against them, they will die in seconds. However, Barbarians with Axe Throw will be able to damage them afar, so long as they do not engage in combat.
  • Their low armor rating does mean that artillery is not as effective but the Sorcerer Mage's Curse can lower their armor rating to none letting every tower bombard the bipedal rodent until death claims it.
  • Area damaging skills beside artillery is good especially Oni's Sword Torment since the Samurai's area damaging skill does deal True Damage. Other useful hero spells are Hacksaw's Flying Sawblade, Thor's Mjolnir, Elora Wintersong's Ice Storm, Magnus Spellbane's Arcane Storm and Gerald Lightseeker's Shield of Retribution since all but the latter deal true or magical damage able to penetrate the Wererat's armor.


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