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By the light of the moon!
The Warden Barracks is the level 2 Melee Tower tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It replaces the Footmen Barracks from the previous games and is upgraded from the Defender Barracks. They regenerate 15 hit points per second when idle.


"Wardens are trained to fight with Sword and Bow alike, making them highly versatile units."

The Wardens look almost identical to their previous nonupgraded version. Their only difference is that they can shoot arrows in a short range, making them highly useful and versatile.


  • Place it near weak enemies like Gnoll Reaver. Not recommended to use them near strong enemies, since they have low health and low attack power.
  • They can target flying enemies, since they have an ability to shoot arrows.

Related Upgrades

  • KRO Upgrade B 01 Level-1 Elven Fencing (1 star): Reduces basic barracks construction costs. (-10% for level 1-3 melee towers)
  • KRO Upgrade B 02 Level-2 Expert Tactician (1 star): Increases barracks rally point range.
  • KRO Upgrade B 03 Level-3 Enchanted Armor (2 stars): Barracks equip soldiers with improved armor. (+10%)
  • KRO Upgrade B 04 Level-4 Moon Forged Blades (2 stars): Soldier attacks deal additional magic damage.
  • KRO Upgrade B 05 Level-5 Blessing of Elynie (3 stars): Soldiers have a chance of cheating death when dealt lethal damage.


  • For the Queen!
  • Onward!
  • By the light of the moon!
  • To the vanguard!