War Hounds are bigger and more powerful cousins of Sand Hounds that appear in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. They are very similar to Worgs in the first game and are essentially the game's intro to magic resistance.


Cunning, fast beasts that can dodge melee attacks and resist magic attacks.

War Hounds are very fast and have a high-damage attack. They have a medium magic resistance making archers almost the only way to stop them. Barracks are necessary to stop them, letting your towers deal with them.


  • Avoid relying too much on Barracks against War Hounds. Their ability to dodge melee attacks makes them difficult for soldiers to kill. Use them to stop the War Hounds instead.
  • Archer towers are a good choice against all wolves; their high firing speed ensures that they will deal damage before the speedy wolves move out of range or defeat the soldiers.
  • Artillery can be effective too, but only when they come in high masses.