KRO Spells VenomVine
The Venom Vine is a magical plant that inhabits the Faery Forest in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It releases toxins that poison and slow down enemies in range.


When activated, a Venom Vine will spew poisonous gas all around its bulb in a small radius (enough to cover a path), poisoning all enemies that inhale it. Enemies poisoned by Venom Vines are slowed down and take a total of 80 damage, 40 to shrooms and spiders (unlike most other sources of poison, Venom Vines can affect spiders).


  • Venom Vines are extremely helpful against large hordes, especially Gloomies: their low HP means that they'll die even on Veteran difficulty from a single Venom Vine, and the AoE of the Venom Vine is large enough to clear an entire swarm of them.
  • They may be based off the Gloom-Shroom from Plants vs. Zombies, which also spray poison in all directions.

Related Achievements

OrAchP2 8KillTm KILLER TOMATOES! Defeat 500 enemies with the Venom Vines.

OrAchP2 9GrdSng GARDEN SONG Activate 50 magical plants.