Vasile is a vampire who resides in the Dusk Chateau - a castle built on the mountains near the Rift of Cinders and the boss of the Shadowmoon mini-campaign in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


The Everlasting Prince has been a dark and vicious menace over the kingdom since its foundation.

During the stage, Vasile mostly stays in the castle. At the start of every wave or every time the Moon is full, he walks to the balconies to taunt you, where he can neither be selected nor targeted.

After wave 15, Vasile will send out a large wave of Vampiresa before he attacks, heading towards the western exit. He is fairly weak in this state, possessing neither an area attack nor an instant kill.

When he is defeated for the first time, Vasile will transform into a bat, fly back to the castle before emerging to attack for a second time, alongside a new wave of Vampiresa. This time, he chooses the eastern path and also possesses an improved version of the Phantom Warrior's death aura, which is much stronger and affects both living and undead units. Tribal Axethrowers' Totem of Spirit cannot disable the aura.

When Vasile dies, most enemies will also die immediately, except for a few Vampiresa in mobile, who must still be killed before the stage ends.

In the Heroic Challenge and Iron Challenge modes, after Vasile is killed, a businessman has decided to turn the Dusk Chateau into a haunted theme park, titled 'Dusk Chateau Scare Tour', with a box office already open at the entrance.


  • Blood Drain: Chows down on a unit, rooting him/her in place, dealing 300-500 damage over time and healing Vasile for half of the damage dealt.
  • Death Aura: In the second phase of the fight, Vasile has an aura that has the same range and effect as a Phantom Warrior's, but instead deals 100 damage per second and affects all enemy units in his way, including undead ones.


  • Vasile himself is not a big threat, but his army of Vampiresa might easily overwhelm a badly-set defence.
  • Avoid sending melee heroes or Knights Templar against Vasile, as he will use Bloodsuck on them, which will take out almost all of their health.
  • Crossbow Forts with Barrage shoot several targets with their bullets, so they might hit Vasile even with his minions blocking him. Their huge physical DPS also makes them a good choice against Vasile's army.
  • Ranged heroes like Bonehart and Nivus can attack Vasile without being killed by him.


Like many other villains in the series, Vasile has a full repertoire of jarring taunts that he uses to unnerve his foes.


  • It's good you made it this far... eternity can be boring and I'm thirsty!

During battle:

When the Moon is full:

After wave 15:

  • Let's go out for a bite!



The Everlasting Prince

One of Vasile's quotes, "Fushta!"

Vasile Arrives!

Vasile standing outside of his Chateau.

He Sucks!

Vasile sucking blood from Cronan.

Vasile Flying

Vasile floating to the exit.

The Death Aura

The second phase of Vasile, with his Death Aura.

Vasile's Defeat

Vasile burns to ashes upon his death.