Vampiresa are female vampires that only appear in Dusk Chateau


Powerful undead that live off the blood of their victims.

Vampiresa always appear in large numbers, and most always fly from a balcony to the middle of the path, allowing them to bypass half of your defenses. Vampiresa possesses an unnerving ability to drain the HP from your soldiers and add it back on to their own. However, Vampiresa has a critical weakness: they are instantly killed by Lucrezia's Cloak ability, whose proper use is essential in the stage.

On Veteran difficulty, they receive damage from the ability in the neighborhood between 800 and 1000.

Under the light of the Moon, the Vampiresa's Life Drain ability gain a boost in damage and health recovered.


  • Keep Lucrezia away from single Vampiresa so not to waste her cloak attack. Use Reinforcements or Barracks to stall them (the units won't last long, but they'll last long enough to group them together) and then move her into position to take out as many as possible in one go.
  • With high magical defense, Vampiresa will shake off any attack from  Archmage or Necromancer Towers. Their ability to drain life from your soldiers to replace their own makes stalling them a tough job.
  • Stall them with Templars maxed out on HP.
  • The Crossbow Fort will help smash through their absent physical armor, and the Tribal Axethrower's Totem of Weakness will help knock them down a peg or two also.
  • Sometimes, their life drain ability can be dodged by assassins.

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