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    August 20, 2017 by STuNsPoRe

    Formidable fighters, they love to fight and loot for the highest bidder!

    Corsairs are decent fighters, possessing good damage and a fair amount of health. They are able to steal gold from their enemies.

    They are usually second-choice to their more powerful, albeit more expensive counterparts, however they can do their job rather well nonetheless. Just make sure you pay attention to their health, and retreat when necessary. It is advised to back up your Corsairs with Assassins and Templars, so as to stall enemies while the Corsairs heal.

    As with all soldiers, build support towers.

    These scurvy dogs love their grog and only share it by setting it on fire and throwing it.

    Buccaneers have a unique way of fighting that allows them to show up to batt…

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  • STuNsPoRe


    January 16, 2017 by STuNsPoRe

    Tower Upgrade
    Level Damage Health Armor Re-spawn
    Time Build/Recruit
    Cost Specials
    Militia Barracks 1 1-3 50 None 10s 70 -
    Footmen Barracks 2 3-4 100 Low 10s 110 -
    Knights Barracks 3 6-10 150 Low 10s 160 -
    Holy Order 4 12-18 200 Medium 14s 230 -
    Barbarian Mead Hall 4 16-24 250 None 10s 230 -
    Sylvan Elf
    Sylvan Elf Hall - 25-50 200 None - 100 Ranged Attack
    Imperial Guard
    The Citadel - 10-30 250 Medium - - -
    Icewind Pass - 50-110 2500 None - 400 -
    Sorcerer Mage 1 30-50 600 Medium 8s 350 Area Attack
    Sorcerer Mage 2 40-60 700 Medium 8s 150 Area Attack
    Sorcerer Mage 3 50-70 800 Medium 8s 150 Area Attack


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  • STuNsPoRe

    Sand Dunes

    January 11, 2017 by STuNsPoRe


    Melee Towers, also known as Barracks Towers, are one of the four main tower types in the Kingdom Rush series. Instead of firing projectiles, most Melee Towers sends three soldiers out onto the path to attack enemies. Melee Towers have a unique strategic role compared to other towers.

    Some characteristics shared by all Melee towers are:

    1. Melee Tower units do relatively minor physical damage.
    2. Melee Tower units cannot attack flying units directly, with the exception of a few towers
    3. The maximum amount of soldiers active at once from a tower is three, with the exception of two towers

    Soldiers don't do much damage, but instead serve to block enemies and allow other towers to deal out the real punishment. If a soldier is killed, he will re-spawn within…

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  • STuNsPoRe

    FrontSlider Archive

    August 8, 2015 by STuNsPoRe

    • Twilight Invasion - FocusOn_TwiEndless.png
    • Dwaraman Gates - FocusOn_FTreasures.png
    • Nightfang Swale - FocusOn_Nightfang.png
    • Gray Ravens - FocusOn_GrayRavens.png

    • Lilith - FocusOn_Lilith.png
    • Wilbur - FocusOn_Wilbur.png
    • Vez'nan - FocusOn_VeznanHero.png
    • Malik Hammerfury - FocusOn_Malik.png
    • Sha'tra - FocusOn_Shatra.png
    • Elora Wintersong - FocusOn_Elora.png
    • Razz and Rags - FocusOn_RazzRags.png

    • Forest Keepers - FocusOn_FKeeper.png
    • Barbarian Mead Hall - FocusOn_Barbarians.png
    • Necromancer Tower - FocusOn_NecroTower.png
    • Gnome Shop - FocusOn_GnomeShop.png

    • Umbra - FocusOn_Umbra.png
    • Vasile - FocusOn_Vasile.png
    • Kingdom Rush: The Comic - FocusOn_Comic.png
    • Ironhide Game Studio - FocusOn_IGS.png

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  • STuNsPoRe


    May 30, 2015 by STuNsPoRe

    Swift & agile, they can dispatch their enemies very quickly.

    • Fast speed
    • Very high damage
    • Can dodge melee attacks

    Bandits can easily obliterate your low level soldiers Read more >

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