Hello fellow Wikians and Kingdom Rush enthusiasts! I am Plasmaster, a big fan of the Kingdom Rush series and infrequent editor on the Wiki. I edit mainly on the Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki, where I write articles about unofficial and imaginary games released by mobile and indie game developer, Nitrome. I really enjoy writing those types of articles as they allow me to come up with new and interesting elements for a game or game series that I really enjoy. I have decided to do this with the Kingdom Rush series as well! So, this blog post will be an expansive database for an unofficial Kingdom Rush game. I already have a plot worked out and will adding tower, map, enemy, and hero information over time, but if you have something you want to add to the project, be it an enemy, hero, an idea for a tower or tower ability, by all means please feel free to leave such ideas in the comment section of this blog post!

First, I'll lay out the plot for the game.

A wrecked ship washes up on the shores of Linirea, a disgruntled and shaken man along with it. The man reports that he is a messenger from the land of Tentania, a close ally of Linirea that lies across the sea, and that Tentania is under attack by an army of savage creatures that hail from another dimension, wreaking havoc and destruction with their advanced weaponry and technology. They are led by a powerful creature of darkness known only as Living Nightmare. Realizing that the dark menace could only be a powerful servant of the recently defeated Umbra, King Denas resolves to help Tentania and sends his armies to the country to ward off the evil clutch of darkness that threatens their land.

More information will be added later!

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