Hey, this is Wendell. I've noticed many pages are simply covered by our featured wikia pages over here. However, as I look on, I've noticed some pages are full of spam and opinions.

So this is what I will do. Everytime I find a page that is misleading, spamming or pure spectulating, I will simply list it in the Candidates for Deletion for Chimto to moderate/delete. Many users might disagree with me, but trust me, this is for the wikia's good.

And while I was deleting unneccesary pages, a user named Kilele came in, and undid those pages. Naturally I've tried to talk sense into him, yet he acts like he's one hotshot in the official forums. Heck, In my opinion, if Chimto saw those pages, he would have probably deleted them anyway. But anyway, it's all good now.

Proof of me and Kilele arguing. <<<<  (>_<)"

I truly hope you guys would understand, and not be a jerk like Kilele. 

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