Here's an outline of my strategy:

  • Starting towers are L2 Mage SE, L1 Mage nearby, L1 Barracks to keep enemies within range of both towers, L3 Archer to grief the Graveyard. The 800G should cover for that.
  • Other two Barracks and near-Graveyard Cannon are built to keep the west path under control. L1 Archer is built to soften up flying enemies.
  • Tech north Archer tower and Cannon to Rangers Hideout and Tesla X104 respectively as soon as feasible. West path still has to be kept under control, so watch it carefully.
  • Focus on east path defenses. Tech first L1 Mage to Sorcerer Mage as soon as feasible, and build the second Cannon, which will also cover the second path. Ultimately, you want the cannon to become a Big Bertha so that it can wipe out the swarms of enemies in the final 2 waves.

So now onto Campaign level 11...and already the first two waves are a nightmare.

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