I drew this and came up with all of these ideas myself. If you want to submit this to the Ironhide forums, be my guest! Please use my name so I can get credit, though, please.

Hero Idea-Grim

Grim, the Soul Reaper

Grim the Reaper is a hero in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers and can be unlocked by paying $9.99 as an in-app purchase.

Grim is a dark knight who has dwelled in the Underworld for over a thousand years. He has fought his way through the most powerful warriors in Pandaemonium to win his soul back from Moloch. He is now on a quest to obtain every soul of every known creature to man, and no force in the world can ever stop him from killing.



  • Pentagon Strike(Cooldown:8 seconds)(1/2/3 Hero Points):

Grim performs an attack that deals an additional 10/30/60 damage and chains to an extra 5 enemies anywhere on the map.

  • Death Blow(Cooldown:12 seconds)(3/3/3 Hero Points):

Grim channels Shadow Energy into his scythe, dealing 200/400/600 True Damage.

  • Soul Stealer(Passive)(2/2/2 Hero Points):

For every attack that Grim performs, 10/20/30% of that damage also heals him.

  • Army of the Dead(Passive)(1/2/3 Hero Points):

Every 5/4/3 seconds, a Skeleton Knight appears near Grim that lasts for 8/12/15 seconds. Up to 5 knights can be active at a time.

  • Shadow Steed(Passive)(1/1/1 Hero Points):

Grim can ride his horse to move, which is 2/4/6 times as fast as running.


  • Grim's armor effects physical, magical, and even Fire Damage.
  • Skeletons near Grim receive the same buff as a Death Rider, and the effect can stack.

Order of Importance

  1. Pentagon Strike
  2. Death Blow


  • Grim has a 10% health regeneration, healing at 60 health per second at level 10.
Level Health Damage Armor Heal Rate Respawn
1 375 30-40 Low 38 50s
2 400 35-48 Low 40 50s
3 425 40-56 Low 43 50s
4 450 45-64 Medium 45 50s
5 475 50-72 Medium 48 50s
6 500 55-80 Medium 50 50s
7 525 60-88 High 53 50s
8 550 65-96 High 55 50s
9 575 70-104 High 58 50s
10 600 75-112 High 60 50s


  • Grim may be somewhat weak at first, but he has the fastest stat growth of every hero, and eventually gains the highest damage, movement speed, and heal rate in the game.
  • Death Blow is an assured death sentence to every regular enemy in the game, and will take out a huge chunk of health of even a Bloodshell.
  • Grim's high armor along with his ability to heal makes him unkillable to all but the toughest of foes.
  • Pentagon Strike can target air enemies and is great for stopping a group of leaking enemies from getting through.
  • Grim's Skeleton Knights help out in stalling groups of enemies and can hold them in place long enough for a swift death from Grim himself.
  • Grim's horse at maximum level allows him to basically teleport across the map.
  • A prepared player can have Grim summon some skeletons and leave them there to protect a tough incoming wave.
  • Grim is also very effective at blocking, so send him to big enemies and he will make short work of them.


  • " Death beckons! " (Quote when selected)
  • " I live to see others die! "
  • " The Dark Spirits have invaded! " (Dark Souls reference)
  • " I will make the world my slave. "
  • " All souls will be consumed! "
  • (When Killed) " There is no Humanity... " (Dark Souls reference)

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