Ulguk-Hai is the eighth boss of Kingdom Rush.


Larger, smarter and more vicious than any other troll. His bite is even worse than his breath!

Compared to other bosses, Ulguk-Hai doesn't have high damage or health, however, he's equipped with a shield. When not engaged in combat with another unit, he'll raise this shield, being invulnerable to all damage. Also, like all other trolls, he has the ability to regenerate his own health at the rate of a Swamp Thing, Forest Troll, or Troll Breaker.


  • Since Ulguk-Hai can only take damage while in combat, the obvious way to defeat him is to stall him with soldiers - Paladins with Shield of Valor and Healing Light work best - while letting other towers pound him. He has relatively low health compared to other bosses (like Sarelgaz or Gul'Thak) so it shouldn't take very long to kill him.
  • Gerald and Hacksaw are the two best heroes to stop him, because of their durability. When they are about to die, move them somewhere else and wait for their health to regenerate, then send them back to Ulguk-Hai.





Ulguk-hai's attacks.

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Don't Feed the Troll

DON'T FEED THE TROLL Defeat Ulguk-Hai the Troll Warlord.