Twilight Scourgers are Twilight elves wielding a whip.


A mistress of darkness and pain, her allies fear her scourge more than any enemy.

Twilight Scourgers can hit their own allies with their whips, dealing damage to them to speed them up and double their attack power. They pose little threat when alive, as they are neither durable nor numerous, and their ability isn't too dangerous either. When killed, their ghostly banshee will fly towards the nearest tower and disable it for 10 seconds, if there is actually a nearby tower to disable. If they fly too far forward without finding any tower or if they are too close to the exit, they will simply vanish harmlessly. Later on, they appear in large groups, so expect your towers to get cursed often.


Build plenty of towers concentrating around a desired kill-zone, so that when some are cursed, others can still seal the path. Arcane Archers work best, with their good physical damage and the ability to reduce magic resistance, so your mages can start participating in killing the Scourgers.

Another possible counter for them is to use the Wild Magus to silence them, nullifying their ability to curse towers. However, this will frequently require upgrading Ward of Disruption because Twilight Scourgers often appear in groups, so this option can be expensive. Some instant kills, but not all, are also able to nullify the curse ability as well.



  • If a tower is inflicted with a positive effect, such as that of a Sorcerer's Stone buff or the Horn of Heroism, and subsequently cursed, the effect will remain until its full duration is complete upon the end of the curse.