Level Twilight Invasion
General, the fall of our Capital during the Twilight Elves' invasion must never happen again! Relive that terrible battle so we can learn how to defend our city in the future.

Twilight Invasion is the second Endless Challenge in Kingdom Rush: Origins, unlocked by beating Shrine of Elynie. The player starts with 1300 Gold.



Waves in Twilight Invasion are procedurally generated from the following enemies:

Enemy First wave possible Points awarded (base) Points growth
Twilight Harasser 1
Twilight Scourger 1
Blood Servant 1 8
Twilight Avenger 7
Screecher Bat 16
Twilight Evoker 22
Mounted Avenger 25
Twilight Heretic 28
Twilight Golem 37


The miniboss in Twilight Invasion is the Twilight Brute.

Wave Count HP (Casual) HP (Normal) HP (Veteran) Damage Bounty
10 1 2000 2500 3000 63-100 250
20 1 3000 3750 4500 69-110 353
30 2 7600 9500 11400 77-123 497
40 1 9000 12000 13500 84-135 702
50 2 14400 17200 21600 93-149 990
60 2 31275 39093 46912 103-165 1000
70 2 76298 95372 114446 114-182 1000

Enemy Abilities

Ainyl uses several magic spells to overwhelm the player. These are-

-Her staff would glow and slams the ground Teleporting her units

-Shields units who take reduced damage from both magic and physical attacks.

-And the final spell will destroy towers

Related achievements

Ach SYGrndSTAND YOUR GROUND! Survive 20 waves of the Twilight Invasion.

Ach RSunRA RED SUN RISES Survive 40 waves of the Twilight Invasion.

Ach DCountTHAT DOESN'T COUNT! Kill 43 Twilight Brutes.

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