Twilight Heretics are Twilight Elf Warlocks that fight with mysterious magic capable of dispatching soldiers quickly.


Warlocks corrupted by evil, they command forces beyond comprehension.

With their unearthly power, Twilight Heretics are very powerful enemies capable of dishing out heavy damage, as well as soaking up quite a lot of hits, thanks to their high HP and magic resistance.

Twilight Heretics, in addition to having a ranged attack, also possess two special spells: Grip of Darkness and Soul Consumption. The first one renders up to two barracks units and reinforcements immobile while dealing 100 True Damage with the shadowy grip. The men become target practice for enemies capable of dealing damage from afar, while those without a ranged attack will simply ignore them; however, these soldiers are not considered dead yet and thus will not respawn, essentially removing the men from play for a little while and allowing most enemies to walk past soldiers. The second one instantly kills a single unit by draining their soul, temporarily boosting their speed massively. Both of their abilities can target units from afar, and usually activate faster than most soldiers can react, much reducing the effectiveness of Barracks against them.


  • Due to their high magic resistance, mages won't make anything more than a scratch to this enemy. However, their resistance can be reduced by Arcane Archers, and the decent physical damage output of this tower also allow it to harm Heretics fairly well.
  • Golden Longbows can kill them efficiently with some luck with their Crimson Sentence ability upgraded. Make sure the Heretic is not shielded by other enemies.
  • Using any of the following methods on Twilight Heretic will greatly expose them to damage from your towers:
    • Arcane Archers' Slumber Arrow.
    • Golden Longbows' Hunter's Mark.
    • Wild Magus' Ward of Disruption
    • Weirdwood's Clobber, or stun from any skills from heroes.
  • Don't send any soldiers against them unless it is an emergency. Heretics will either immobilize your troops, or move dangerously fast after draining your soldier's souls. Instead, send in a powerful melee Hero to block them, as they are immune to both of the Heretics' spells.