Twilight Evokers are Twilight Elf sorceresses that appear in the First Elven City in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Sorceresses devoted to the Spider Goddess. They are as revered as they are feared.

The Twilight Evokers possess a deadly magical ranged attack, throwing low-damage magic bolts at soldiers with a rapid fire rate even when forced into melee, similar to the Wild Magus. In addition, they can silence advanced towers, preventing them from using special abilities, though barracks are not affected and the tower's regular attack is not disabled. Twilight Evokers also possess the ability to heal other enemies, but this is more of a side gimmick than an actual threat, for the healing is rather inefficient. Upon their defeat, they disintegrate into ashes, similar to Vampiresa from Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Due to their rather modest health count and lack of armor, one could easily take on multiple Evokers with use of any advanced Archers or Druids. Forest Keepers work well also, being able to slow down the Evokers and other twilight elves while dealing great True Damage with their Ancient Oak Spears. Overall, Evokers barely pose a threat to a well-organized defense of sufficient firepower, so one should not be afraid too much of them.