Twilight Brutes are giant Twilight elves wielding two bloody cleavers. They serve as minibosses in the Twilight Invasion endless stage in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Enhanced by powerful magic, this Twilight elf is a dangerous living siege weapon.

One or two Twilight Brutes spawns every 10 waves in Twilight Invasion. They are functionally similar to giant enemies, being big, slow, tough and possessing an area attack, but their stats are much higher, on par with bosses. In addition, they share all immunities with bosses, and take away 20 lives if they escape. One unique trait they have from all other Endless minibosses, however, is a purple aura that boosts the attack of their Twilight Elf comrades nearby in a large radius (much like the red aura of Hi-Hi Enha). If he is killed, he will shrink and looks like a normal Twilight Harasser.


Wave Count HP (Casual) HP (Normal) HP (Veteran) Damage Bounty
10 1 2000 2500 3000 63-100 250
20 1 3000 3750 4500 69-110 353
30 2 7600 9500 11400 77-123 497
40 1 9000 12000 13500 84-135 702
50 2 14400 17200 21600 93-149 990
60 2 31275 39093 46912 103-165 1000
70 2 76298 95372 114446 114-182 1000
80 2 124472 155590 186708 125-208 1000


Rather than being a huge pile of HP with nothing but an area attack like most mini-bosses, the Brute is a huge pile of HP with nothing but an area attack and a damage-enhancing aura that can't be silenced. As such, keeping these foes separate from other enemies is a good idea, otherwise, they would plough through everything. A biproduct of this strategy is that the Wild Magus can continue to attack this beast with impunity, as no other enemies will get ahead of it and reset the damage.