Twilight Avengers are ruthless, merciless elite Twilight elf warriors in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Twilight elite armored warriors, they curse lesser beings with a blasting spell.

Twilight Avengers are powerful enemies with heavy armor and high health. They can sponge a lot of damage from Druids, Archers and soldiers, making Mages vital to stop them. In addition to this, the Avenger can "curse" other enemies, magically turning them into a bomb that will explode upon death, dealing damage to all non-twilight elves, allies and enemies alike. The only purpose of this power is clearing the path, so the Avenger can pass through your defenses. An important thing to note: The Avenger's armor rating drops to Medium when in combat with heroes and soldiers, allowing them to take some physical damage during fights.

One thing to note is that Reg'son, Lynn, and Renegades are completely immune to the Avengers' curse explosions, being that they are all Twilight Elves.


  • The blasting curse can sometimes prove to be an unexpected (and welcome) help against swarms of Gloomies: if a Gloomy is cursed, then the entire swarm is doomed, as the curse's damage is high enough to kill them even on Veteran difficulty.
  • Place your soldiers backwards, behind lines of towers to quickly clear out the cursed enemies before they reach melee combat. Wild Magus is highly effective, thanks to her ability to silence the Twilight Avenger, magical damage output and instant kill spell that further damage the surrounding twilight elves.
  • Forest Keepers can support your soldiers and hold their own against explosions with Circle of Life, while also damage the Twilight Avenger with the True Damage of Ancient Oak Spears and slow down the living bombs with Eerie Gardener. Put them near your units to fully utilize their potentials.

Related achievements

OrAchP2 11RedWr I MEANT THE RED WIRE Have your soldiers avoid 50 blasting spell explosions.


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