Troll Pathfinders are specialist trolls introduced in the Glacial Heights and Ha'Kraj Plateau . They have a unique ability to skate on the Ice that features on their levels, making them the first enemy that cannot be normally blocked by melee soldiers.


Elite troll warriors that become unblockable while standing on ice.

Troll Pathfinders have no extraordinary armor but are a little more powerful than a standard troll, and somewhat higher health. Their true strength lies in their ability regenerate HP (7.5 per second, slightly faster than a standard Troll) and their sleds. The levels they feature in have large parts of the path covered in ice. When a Pathfinder reaches the ice, the drop the sleds off their backs and skate down it, ignoring any barracks, reinforcements, heroes or elementals that may be in their way. This allows for large amounts of Pathfinders to pass by your main defense at ease.


  • Block them before they get to the ice or after they have passed through the ice with Paladins of tier 3 Healing Light, or Barbarians of tier 3 More Axes, and use the Big Bertha to damage the entire group at once.
  • Rangers Hideout upgraded with Poison Arrows near the start of the path will start wearing them down with poison when they hit the ice. Wrath of the Forest will immobilize them even while on ice.
  • High-level Mages, such as the Arcane Wizard, can strike them as they skate pass, dealing high damage, and can teleport back large swarms. The Sorcerer Mage deal lower damage but can wear down multiple Pathfinders simultaneously with the curse, dealing great damage over time.
  • The Tesla x104 can strike as it skates past, and the Overcharge will damage any following Pathfinders that are missed by the first strike.
  • The Big Bertha's Dragonbreath Missile will catch up to it no matter where on the ice it is.
  • Be aware that they deal 30-70 damage, so watch out your soldiers and your reinforcements.