Troll Chieftains can regain health and enrage allies. They remove more of the player's lives than any other non-boss enemy in the game.


The chieftain can enrage their brethren, improving their combat abilities!

The Troll Chieftain is one of the deadliest enemies in Kingdom Rush. The Troll Chieftain can heal himself slowly like other Trolls, and his high amount of hit points can make him a nasty thorn in any defense. He always appears at the head of a wave of trolls, beating his Drum of War.

His most powerful asset is the Chieftain Zeal, a powerful, albeit short-lived, spell that heals all trolls (except for other Troll Chieftains) in range, gives them 15-30 attack damage, 50% armor, increased speed and range for Troll Champions. The speed boost allows most trolls to dash past your towers, opening up a path for other troops to get through.

The Chieftain Zeal cannot enrage / effect the Troll Breaker in the Steam and mobile Version of the game.


  • Concentrate your defenses in one area. With this strategy, the trolls will lose health faster than they regenerate it - and die before they escape the battlefield.
  • Kill Troll Chieftains as quickly as possible! Their enrage ability dramatically increases the effectiveness of nearby enemies.
  • Mages, especially advanced wizards, work well since they deal high damage and ignore the armor buff. Combine with Barracks, Elementals, and reinforcements to create a deadly choke point.
  • Strong melee heroes can be sent to fight them so that they cannot catch up with other Trolls, but beware of Troll Champions following the Chieftain. Retreat your hero to where your soldiers' station, when his/her health is low.
  • Because of his low damage compared to other trolls, reinforcements can block him for a fairly long time. Put them in front of the Troll Chieftain when he is in your main choke point to deal massive damage to him.
  • troll Chieftain costs 6 lives if exited, forcing you to kill them to maintain high number of lives.