Troll Champions are more powerful versions of the Troll that can throw axes. Like the Troll and the Troll Chieftain, they regain health over time.


Elite tribal warriors equipped with vicious throwing axes.

Troll Champions have the ability to throw axes (30-50 damage), much like Shadow Archers, forcing you to do micromanagement with moving rally points, or your troops will sit there and gladly take the axes. Worse still, these axes pierce armor, making your main tanks - Paladins - much less effective, although the Troll Chieftain's enrage doesn't strengthen the ranged attack, and the melee attacks do not ignore armor. Of course, unlike Shadow Archers, they have a fair bit of health, and also possess the ability to regenerate, making it very hard to wear them down over time.


  • Concentrate your defenses in one area. With this strategy, the trolls will lose health faster than they regenerate it - and die before they escape the battlefield.
  • Keep these enemies away from your soldiers!
  • If Troll Champions are attacking your soldiers, distract them by placing reinforcements at melee range.
  • Reinforcements with Throwing Spears will stop them for a little bit but are not very effective when trying to deal damage, as a few hits from the troll's throwing axes will kill the reinforcements before they deal much damage.
  • When throwing axes at soldiers, they will group together. Use Rain of Fire or Artillery on them when they are grouped together.
  • Poison Arrows will negate their regeneration.