Troll Breakers are enemies that appear only in the Winter Storm mini-campaign in Kingdom Rush. They are among the hardest-hitting foes in the series.


Armored, combat-trained trolls, these brutes can tear through even the most sophisticated of defenses.

Troll Breakers are equipped with high area-damaging stumps. They are very similar to Forest Trolls and Swamp Things with very high regeneration rate. Paladins are the only way to stop these brutes because of their high armor and healing ability. They seems to be harder to kill than Swamp Thing and Forest Troll, because they deal more damage, faster attack rate, and 60% armor.


  • Try to kill them instantly with Death Ray or Sniper Shot.
  • Trolls can't regenerate while they are under Wrath of the Forest, as the poison will negate what they heal.
  • Place Arcane Wizards with Teleport at the end of the path.
  • Low-level archers do almost nothing against them, so try to upgrade fairly quickly.
  • Rangers with Poison Arrows will reduce their regeneration.
  • Sorcerer Towers will half their armor and Earth Elemental will stall them for a fair period of time.
  • On flash, when Troll Chieftain engage trolls, Troll breaker have 110% armor, 110-195 damage, which can kill the Call Reinforcements in one shot, even fully upgraded. However, Sorcerer Mage can half their armor into 55%, which is slightly less than troll Breaker's main armor.
  • Out of all the heroes, Hacksaw is the best one because of his armor and his instant-kill strategy.


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