Trolls are durable enemies that hit hard. Like all trolls, they have the ability to regain HP gradually.


Very tough warriors that can regenerate their wounds quickly.

Trolls are difficult enemies to dispose of. They regenerate, come in large numbers, and are invulnerable to most soldiers. Use large numbers of towers to deal lots of damage before they swarm you!


  • Concentrate your defenses in one area. With this strategy, the trolls will lose health faster than they regenerate it - and die before they escape the battlefield.
  • As Mage Towers deal high damage per second, both in general and per given amount of Gold, and Trolls have no magic resistance, high-level mages can deal good damage to them.
  • The Rangers Hideout and Elora Wintersong work well against Trolls, as their regeneration is disabled when entangled or frozen.
  • On the Casual difficulty on Flash, the Sunray Tower will always instakill a Troll.