This article is about the second major spell in Kingdom Rush: Origins. For the extra spell in the Flash Premium Content of Kingdom Rush, see Lightning Bolt.
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Thunderbolt is the second of three major spells in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It replaces Rain of Fire from the previous games. When used, you must tap anywhere on the enemy path, and 3 lightning bolts will shoot down from the heavens. Though it deals less damage than Rain of Fire due to a lack of an equivalent of Rain of Fire's Scorched Earth, it is more accurate as instead of taking a few seconds to reach the ground, the bolts immediately strike the ground, and the random bolts from Furious Tempest, its final upgrade, only strike enemies instead of being totally random like the equivalent Cataclysm.

Like Rain of Fire, Thunderbolt is not to be used liberally because of its long 80 seconds cooldown.

Related Upgrades

  • KRO Upgrade Th 01 Level-1 Thunderbolt (2 stars): Adds 3 additional thunderbolts.
  • KRO Upgrade Th 02 Level-2 Roaring Gale (2 stars): Increases thunderbolt damage and reduces cooldown by 10 seconds.
  • KRO Upgrade Th 03 Level-3 Thunderstorm (3 stars): Adds 2 additional thunderbolts, while heavy winds slow down all enemies.
  • KRO Upgrade Th 04 Level-4 Monsoon (3 stars): Increases thunderbolt damage and doubles wind slowing effect.
  • KRO Upgrade Th 05 Level-5 Furious Tempest (3 stars): Increases thunderbolt damage and casts additional bolts at random enemies.

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