For Midgard!
Thor Profile
Thor is a hero in Kingdom Rush. He costs $4.99 and is not available on Flash.


Thunder made flesh, this gigantic demigod wields a warhammer enchanted with the power of lightning and thunder. He is the son of the Storm God, and a trusted friend of King Denas.


Thor Stats


Level HP Melee Damage Armor Respawn
1 456 25-31 Medium (40%) 15s
2 410 27-34 Medium (40%) 15s
3 440 29-36 Medium (40%) 15s
4 470 32-39 Medium (50%) 15s
5 500 34-42 Medium (50%) 15s
6 530 36-44 Medium (50%) 15s
7 560 38-47 Medium (60%) 15s
8 590 40-49 Medium (60%) 15s
9 620 42-52 Medium (60%) 15s
10 650 44-55 High (70%) 15s


Mjolnir Thunderclap

Thor has a chance to turn every normal attack into a super slam that can hit single or multiple foes dealing True Damage. This will target flying enemies if they are within range.
Ability Level Hero Level Chance % Damage Maximum Enemies Chained
1 2 10% 30-40 3
2 5 15% 30-60 4
3 8 20% 30-80 5

Thunderclap Mjolnir

Thor throws his hammer at the enemy he is confronting or a group of enemies distant from him, stunning them for 2 seconds and dealing True Damage. (Cooldown: 15 seconds)
Ability Level Hero Level Damage
1 4 50-60
2 7 70-80
3 10 80-100
  • Thor is the only hero in the game to have magic resistance. His magic defense matches with his physical defense.

Tips and Tricks

  • Thor has a good balance between attack power and armor rating, and a small damage difference, thus he is among the most reliable hero in Kingdom Rush. He starts with very good stats, able to stall and even kill most of the weak enemies that come at the start of a stage. He levels up faster than most melee heroes.
  • Thor has two abilities:
    • Mjolnir is a chance-based skill that deal True Damage towards enemies close to him, and it deals the max damage of the ability level to the victim of his strike. While activating quite infrequently, this skill allow him to harm clustered armored foes, such as Brigands and Husks.
    • Thunderclap is a ranged, area attack that stun its targets for a good period of time. He can use it on the enemy he is attacking, too. This skill grants Thor superior crowd-control and can be life-saving as able to catch leaks effectively with its long range.
  • Thor's powerful melee attacks is weak against enemies with a dodge chance, i.e. Wulves or Bandits. It is impossible for them to dodge Thunderclap or Mjolnir though. To level him up fast, put Thor against enemies without armor or with low armor because his normal attack deals physical damage.
  • Thor's unique resistance to magic allow him to block magic damage dealers, i.e. Raiders and Pillagers, for a significantly long period of time. He still won't survive very long against these powerful foes but will last longer than Paladins and do more damage. Damage over time is the most likely way that Thor will die because his armor cannot resist the poison or fire damage that some elite enemies can use. Note this in the Endless Challenge and Burning Torment stages (Pit of Fire and Pandaemonium).


  • For Midgard!
  • I say thee nay, vile one!
  • Heavy Metal Thunder!!
  • Wrath of the Heavens!
  • (When killed) Mjolnir!!!


  • Thor (Proto-Germanic: Þunraz, Old Norse: Þórr, Old English: Þunor, Old High German: Þonar) is the Germanic God of Strength, Thunder and War. Thor is now most commonly known as a character from the Marvel universe, both comic and film. The name Thor itself means Thunder.
  • Thor may be a reference to Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology, or Marvel Comics' superhero of the same name (Thor bears more aesthetic similarities to the superhero than to how Thor is usually described in Norse mythology.).
  • "For Midgard!" - Midgard is the name used in Norse mythology to describe the realm of Earth, as oppose to Asgard, the realm of the gods. This phrase is commonly used by Marvel's Thor as a battle cry.
  • "I say thee nay, vile one!" - Another battle cry from Marvel's Thor, often when countering the attacks of a villain.
  • "Heavy Metal Thunder!!" - A line from the song Born to be Wild by rock band Steppenwolf. It is one of many instances of the song being used to provide spoken quotes, the others being the Rangers Hideout and the Wild Magus.
  • "Wrath of the Heavens!" - Based on the title of the Playstation 2 action-stealth game Tenchu: Wrath of the Heaven
  • "Mjolnir!!!" - Mjolnir is the name of the enchanted hammer that Thor carries.


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