The Kingpin, also called Boss Bandit on the Steam version, is the boss of the Rise of the Bandits mini-campaign in Kingdom Rush.


The slickest and most greedy vandal in the kingdom. Rest for sure he'll try to steal your money!

The Kingpin, instead of following the road, just rolls straight from the northern entrance to the northern exit, crushing the barricades (and everything else) on the way; however, he moves very slowly even for a boss. Whenever poisoned, the Kingpin will stop moving for a second to chew on a gigantic chicken, restoring health. Even though both the Kingpin's health and speed are subpar, his short path still allows him to escape relatively fast.


  • Since Poison Arrows is the only thing that can delay the Kingpin's escape (soldiers and heroes can just be rolled over), having a Rangers Hideout is almost essential to kill the Kingpin; otherwise, he's a rather easy boss.
  • All his minions are faster than him, so they distract the towers by running ahead, kill off his minions, then your towers will focus on him (you will want to use Arcane Wizards).
  • The Kingpin has an instant kill ability, so do not place any soldiers or heroes in front of him.


Related achievements

I am the law

I AM THE LAW Do not let The Kingpin escape.