Level the Farmlands

Initial layout.

"Good job! Your diligent investigations have revealed that it was not mere brigands terrorizing Southport, but organised bands of goblins and orcs!
Now, their forward troops are creeping towards the defenseless rural communities north of Southport.
We must establish an efficient and swift defense."

The Farmlands, known as The Outskirts on the iOS and Android versions, is the second level in the game comprised of seven waves. The player starts with seven Strategic Points to build at. Level 2 Towers are unlocked on this level.


Wave Composition


  • The player starts with 220 Gold.
Wave Enemies Income Time
1 20x Goblin 60 N/A
2 24x Goblin 72 22
3 12 Goblin
4x Orc
72 22
4 6x Wulf 30 15
5 20x Goblin
6x Orc
114 15
6 10x Goblin
6x Orc
6x Wulf
114 15
7 20x Goblin
10x Orc
10x Wulf
200 15

Heroic Challenge

  • The player starts with 250 Gold.
  •  Heroes are not allowed.
  •  Upgrades past level 2 are not allowed.
Wave Enemies Income Time
1 12x Wulf 60 N/A
2 18x Goblin 54 25
3 16x Goblin
6x Orc
102 25
4 24x Wulf 120 25
5 12x Orc 108 25
6 24x Goblin
24x Wulf
192 25

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies Income
1 9x Wulf

100x Goblin

35x Orc



  • New Tower Upgrades!
Tower level 2 available

You can now upgrade your towers up to level 2.

Pedia tower Marksmen Tower | Pedia tower Footmen Barracks | Pedia tower Adept Tower | Pedia tower Dwarven Artillery

  • Hint
Strategy Basics!

Barracks are good for blocking the enemy,
but lack in attack power. Make sure you have
enough firepower to support them!

  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Wulf


Very fast vicious creatures
that can dodge melee attacks.

– Can dodge melee attacks
– Low health
– Very fast speed

Use soldiers to block them
so they don't overwhelm you.

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