KRO 12 The Ascent
We are still amazed at how deep the evil face runs. None less than Mactans, one of the Ancient Spider Queens.
General, the scouts you sent followed Malicia's and Mactans' trail. They have fled to the awe-inspiriting floating ruins of the First City, where our race originated from and where no Elf has set foot in centuries.
A massive Twilight army awaits us there... no time to catch our breath, the goddess Elynie herself might be in peril!

The Ascent is the twelfth level in Kingdom Rush: Origins. Sorcerer's Stones are introduced for the first time.


Wave Composition


Heroic Challenge

Iron Challenge


  • New Special Unlocked
KRO Spells SorcererStone

Sorcerer's Stone

When activated, Sorcerer's Stone
cast random magical effects that
affect nearby enemies or allies.

  • New Enemy!
KRO EnemyBox Razorboar


These wild swines have awful
tempers and enjoy charging,
burning anyone in their way.

– Medium Armor
– Bonus damage when hurt
– Burning charge

  • New Enemy!
KRO EnemyBox Twilight Evoker

Twilight Evoker

Sorceress devoted to the
Spider Goddess. They are as
revered as they are feared.

– High magic resistance
– Heals allies
– silences towers

  • New Enemy!
KRO EnemyBox Twilight Golem

Twilight Golem

Rocks animated by powerfull
sorcery, compelled to fight
with daunting strength.

– Very tough
– Area damage attack
– Slows down when damaged

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OrAchP3 1MoveIt I LIKE TO MOVE IT Entertain the funny lemur.


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