The Tainted Treant is an enemy that appears in the Rotten Forest and Fungal Forest levels of Kingdom Rush. A small glimpse was seen in a development screenshot, and it was fully unveiled by Ironhide Studios after a user on the forums successfully guessed what it was.


With steel-hard bark, these corrupted beings were once protectors of the forest.

The Tainted Treant is a tough foe that can fight blow for blow with the strongest units. It is slow and only takes one life, so it is not especially dangerous on its own, but they can easily let a horde through whilst they engage your warriors. 


  • Multiple Ttreants will randomly spring up from the ground in the Rotten Forest stage during the campaign. These particularly annoying Treants do not provide any bounty whatsoever. Make sure you have adequate towers in place to deal with them
  • Liberal use of magic towers is recommended to handle these nasty enemies. You may potentially want an Arcane Wizard with the teleport ability to set back the Treants that spawn at random points on the battlefield. You may also want to save up your rain of Fire for situation where hordes of Tainted Treants threaten to break through your defenses.