Swamp Things are giant plant elementals, made of vegetable matter that appear in the Rotten Forest and Fungal Forest.


A mass of vegetable matter that comes from the vilest and most tainted of places.

Swamp Things are similar to Forest Trolls which have traded a bit of health and power for regeneration and the ability to attack from afar with giant balls of poison. Similar to all other ranged enemies, they force you to do some annoying micromanagement with moving rally points, or your soldiers will sit there and gladly suffocate to death. Their high area damage allows them to quickly clear out anyone less durable than a Paladin; however, the Swamp Thing's (relatively) low durability compared to other giant enemies cannot protect them against a well-organized defense consisting of fully upgraded towers.


  • Earth Elementals are a very risky gamble; as when they die they will turn into a Swamp Thing in the Poison Pool.
  • Like all other giant enemies, instant kills are a quick and efficient way to get rid of Swamp Things, although it might be a bit hard to use since they possess a ranged attack and thus usually stand in the back rows, protected by walls of Husks and Noxious Creepers. Paladins can distract them but would most likely be killed by the great horde that comes. A good strategy is to use Arcane Wizards' Teleport spell to set back other enemies, making the Swamp Thing vulnerable to instant kills. Rain of Fire is also a great way to obliterate the entire crowd.
  • Unlike Husks and Noxious Creepers, Swamp Thing aren't immune to poison,
  • Their ranged attack deal 40-100 damage, like their melee damage.



  • The Swamp Thing appears to be based on the comic book hero of the same name in the DC Universe.
  • The Swamp Thing could also be based on the Marvel character "Man-Thing" of which is made of plant matter and excretes a toxic chemical agent.