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Level Stormcloud Temple
Initial layout.
KlarkMorriganAdded by KlarkMorrigan

"Arriving at the Stormcloud temple has been
the best thing to happen to us in days!

The Stormcloud Sorcerers will now be at
your command, General, and they can open a
portal straight to Valardul. However, we
must provide them with a defense while they
complete their spell.

Something... abominable is approaching, and
the men are extremely nervous."

Stormcloud Temple is the ninth level in Kingdom Rush comprised of nineteen waves. The player starts with 800 Gold and fifteen Strategic Points to build at. There are three points of entry: two to the north and the south, leading enemies along curved paths, and one to the east leading a straight route to the temple.

The second advanced magic tower, the Sorcerer Mage, is unlocked on this stage, Additionally, this is the only scenario to feature the Sunray Tower, a special non-constructable tower that fires a powerful beam at a single enemy of the player's choice.


Wave Composition


Wave Enemies
1 Troll x2 Bandit x3
Brigand x6
164 G.
2 Troll x4 100 G.
3 Troll x4 Wulf x15 Brigand x6 265 G.
4 Gargoyle x4 Gargoyle x4 96 G.
5 Brigand x8
Shadow Archer x4
184 G.
6 Wulf x18
Worg x4
138 G.
7 Troll x6
Troll Champion x3
225 G.
8 Dark Knight x6
Shadow Archer x6
246 G.
9 Dark Knight x4
Dark Slayer x1
200 G.
10 Troll x9 Wulf x20 Brigand x6
Dark Knight x1
440 G.
11 Rocket Rider x3 Rocket Rider x3 180 G.
12 Dark Knight x4
Shadow Archer x6
Dark Slayer x2
396 G.
13 Troll x12
Troll Chieftain x1
370 G.
14 Wulf x15 Worg x6
Winter Wolf x2
Wulf x15 292 G.
15 Yeti x1 Yeti x1 Yeti x1 360 G.
16 Rocket Rider x5 Rocket Rider x5 300 G.
17 Troll x8
Troll Champion x4
Troll Chieftain x2
Dark Knight x8
Shadow Archer x8
Dark Slayer x2
968 G.
18 Yeti x3 Yeti x3 Yeti x3 1080 G.
19 J.T. Winter Wolf Yeti ∞ G.
  • The Winter Wolves and Yetis in wave 19 spawn continuously until J.T. is defeated.

Heroic Challenge

Wave Enemies
1 Troll x10 Wulf x12 Dark Knight x10 360 G.
2 Wulf x24 Bandit x20
Brigand x16
Dark Knight x10
Dark Slayer x1
750 G.
3 Troll x18
Troll Chieftain x1
Troll Champion x3
Wulf x36 775 G.
4 Winter Wolf x4
Yeti x2
Wulf x44
Worg x12
Winter Wolf x4
Yeti x2
1124 G.
5 Rocket Rider x7 Rocket Rider x7 420 G.
6 Troll x18
Troll Chieftain x1
Troll Champion x2
Winter Wolf x8
Yeti x2
Dark Knight x10
Dark Slayer x3
SA x8
1768 G.

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies
1 Troll x??
Troll Chieftain x??
Troll Champion x??
Yeti x??
Bandit x??
Brigand x??
Dark Knight x??
Dark Slayer x??


  • New Tower Unlocked!
Pedia tower Sorcerer Mage

Level 4 Mage Tower

Curses enemies damaging
them and reducing their
armor for a while.

  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Dark Slayer

Claimed by darkness; slayers
are the bane of anyone
standing in their way.

– Very tough
– Slow speed
– Great armor

  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Rocket Rider

Half man, half machine; the
rocket riders follow their
dark lord's will wherever they

– Flying
– Average speed
– Can use turbo

Turbo makes them fly super
fast for 2 seconds.

Related Achievements

Achievement Sunburner! SUNBURNER! Fire the Sunray 20 times.


  • The Sunray Tower is unavailable on the iOS versions, having been destroyed prior to the battle.
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