Spirit Shamans are magic-resistant savage shamans in the jungle stages Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. They have an aura that boosts the magic resistance of nearby Savage Warriors and Savage Hunters.


"Congressing with spirits, they protect their brethren from magic attacks."

Spirit Shamans are almost always seen accompanying Savage Warriors (and occasionally with an Earth Shaman as well). Their aura boosts the magic resistance of other savages to 80%. Combined with Earth Shamans, they can make other enemies very hard to kill.


  • Spirit Shamans are high priority targets. Taking them down early will save a lot of firepower for your towers. Thanks to their low attack power, your soldiers and hero can block them long enough for other towers to wear them down.
  • The Tribal Axethrowers' Totem of Spirits can be used to temporarily disable the aura, and Dante can break their resistance permanently with Relic of Power, as well as dealing heavy True Damage with Silver Bullet.
  • The aura of Earth Shamans cannot affect Spirit Shamans, which means that Spirit Shamans cannot have any armor at all. Use this to your advantage.


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