Level Southport

Initial layout.

"Greetings, noble and heroic warrior! As a general of His Majesty's forces, King Denas requires your services.
The inhabitants of the city of Southport have reported attacks by highwaymen and other roaming outlaws. You must take a battalion to Southport to bolster the city's defenses.
Good luck, General!"

Southport is the first, introductory level in the game comprised of seven waves. The player starts with eight Strategic Points to build at. Only level one towers are initially available.


Wave Composition


  • The player starts with 265 Gold.
Wave Enemies Income Time
1 3x Goblin 9 N/A
2 6x Goblin 18 25
3 9x Goblin 27 25
4 4x Goblin
1x Orc
21 25
5 3x Orc 27 32
6 10x Goblin
4x Orc
66 32
7 16x Goblin 48 32

Heroic Challenge

  • The player starts with 170 Gold.
  •  Heroes are not allowed.
  •  Upgrades past level 1 are not allowed.
Wave Enemies Income Time
1 20x Goblin 60 N/A
2 10x Goblin
6x Orc
84 18
3 24x Goblin 72 25
4 12x Goblin
4x Orc
72 18
5 6x Orc 54 18
6 20x Goblin
4x Orc
96 18

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies Income
1 70x Goblin

16x Orc



  • Instructions:

Protect your lands from the enemy attack
Build defensive Towers along the road to stop them

Tower Construction

Build towers on the Strategic Points to
stop the enemy horde from getting through

Basic Tower Types

There are four basic tower types available

Archer Tower | Barracks | Mages Guild | Artillery

Pedia tower Archer Tower

rate of fire

Pedia tower Barracks

Soldiers block

Pedia tower Mages Guild

High damage
armor piercing

Pedia tower Dwarven Bombard

Deals area

  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Goblin

Small evil humanoids with no
outstanding abilities.

– Low health
– Average speed
  • New Special Available!
Pedia special Call Reinforcements

You can summon troops to help
you in the battlefield.

Reinforcements are free and
you can call them every 10

Reinforcements are very
versatile, use them often.
  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Orc

Tough savages with light

– Light armor *
– Slow speed

* Armored enemies receive less
damage from archers and soldiers

Magic damage ignores
armor completely.
  • Hint
Armored Enemies!

Some enemies wear different levels of
armor that protects them against
non-magical attacks.

Armored enemies take less damage from
marksmen, soldiers and artillery.
  • Hint
Command Your Troops!

You can adjust your soldiers rally
point to make them defend a
different area.
  • New Special Available!
Pedia special Rain of Fire

Blast your enemies with fire
from the skies!

Rain of fire is best saved to use
on an emergency or a great
opportunity since it has a very
long cooldown.

Always aim a little bit ahead
of your target

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