Sons of Sarelgaz are huge spiders, the sons of the spider queen, formidable opponents that serve as her guardians. They are prominently featured in Sarelgaz's Lair.


Deadly, unyielding monsters, Sarelgaz's offspring make for terrifying foes.

Sons of Sarelgaz are the only enemies in all three games to possess both physical armor and magical resistance. However, even though they might look tough, they start to spawn fairly late in the stage and only take one life, where they are not very strong compared to the towers.


  • Artillery is effective against Sons of Sarelgaz, since they ignore half of physical armor. Use them in conjunction with Sorcerer Mages' curse to utilize the damage of the bombs.
  • Try to use the Arcane Wizard's Death Ray or the Musketeer Garrison's Sniper Shot to instantly kill them. The Sorcerer Mage's Polymorph is also effective, though you will miss out on its decent bounty of 80 Gold.