This article is about the enemy in Kingdom Rush. For the soldier unit in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, see Necromancer Tower.

Skeletons are basic units that can only be spawned by Graveyards, Skeleton Piles and Necromancers, in the final case, give no gold when killed. They are spawned in Graveyards when a humanoid enemy with less than 300 maximum health is slain (like Shadow Archers or Brigands). Their stronger counterpart is the Skeleton Knight.

Skeletons reappear in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, this time as a soldier summoned by the Necromancer Tower, spawned from the corpses of human-sized humanoid enemies, like Savage Zombies or Saurian Nightscales. However, they are weaker than a Level 1 Barracks with only 40 HP and 1-6 attack damage.


Mindless automatons that obey the orders of their evil masters.

These enemies, though weak, are doubly dangerous when in groups. When lots of enemies are being killed elsewhere, they can easily swarm past towers guarding their graveyards.

Necromancers also spawn these, producing five at a time and occasionally with a Skeleton Knight, so be sure to take them down as fast as possible.

Skeletons are immune to poison from Rangers Hideouts and Savage Hunters.


  • Build at least one tower to keep an eye on graveyards - they produce lots of skeletons. Advanced Artilleries work best, especially when coupled with a strong melee hero to block the walking bones.
  • Level 3 Wrath of the Forest kills them in one use on Easy and Normal difficulty.
  • Barbarians are also a good choice, when upgraded with More Axes and Throwing Axes to boost their DPS, can take on hordes of Skeletons at ease.
  • Paladins deal lower damage, but their Holy Strike, when fully upgraded, make short work of Skeletons every time it triggers.
  • Focus on Necromancers rather than their skeletons. If you just kill the skeletons, more will soon appear.
  • Be careful using Rain of Fire as it kills a lot of enemies in one go, resulting in a sudden swarm of skeletons spawning from the graveyard.