Level Silveroak Outpost

Initial layout.

"With Twin Rivers Pass blocked, and after days of marching, we've finally reached the Silveroak Forest outpost... Only to find its troop compliment decimated!
The garrison's men have endured several attacks recently, and their scouts report an even greater enemy force approaching.
Good thing elite ranger units are on the way to help us."

Silveroak Forest is the fifth level in the game comprised of fifteen waves. The player starts with 700 Gold, twelve Strategic Points to build at, and, unlike any other level to date, a pre-built Sharpshooter Tower. Additionally, the player has access to Sylvan Elf Hall, a special non-constructable tower largely worth of investment. The map features three points of entry covering western, southern, and south-eastern approaches. There is a number of choke points favouring extensive use of soldier formations to block great numbers of enemy troops with minimal loss in firepower. Rangers Hideout is unlocked on this level at the start of Wave 5.



Iron Challenge

Wave Composition


Wave Enemies
(South > North)
(South > West)
1 4x Bandit 3x Brigand 77
2 8x Bandit 4x Brigand 124
3 7x Giant Spiders 42
4 8x Giant Spiders 48
5 5x Bandit
5x Brigand
10x Bandit
3x Brigand
6 3x Bandit
5x Brigand
10x Bandit
3x Brigand
7 15x Wulf 15x Wulf 150
8 3x Worg 3x Worg 72
9 15x Wulf
6x Worg
15x Wulf
6x Worg
10 20x Giant Spiders 120
11 2x Spider Matriarch 40
12 3x Spider Matriarch 60
13 6x Worg 15x Wulf 4x Spider Matriarch 227
14 12x Brigand 12x Bandit
8x Worg
4x Spider Matriarch 452
15 6x Bandit
3x Brigand
1x Marauder
6x Bandit
3x Brigand
1x Marauder

Heroic Challenge

Wave Enemies
(South > North)
(South > West)
1 7x Bandit 5x Brigand 7x Giant Spiders 173
2 30x Bandit 15x Giant Spiders 330
3 12x Bandit
2x Marauder
12x Giant Spiders 332
4 18x Giant Spiders
5x Spider Matriarch
5 28x Bandit 15x Brigand 24x Giant Spiders 593
6 4x Marauder 4x Marauder 4x Spider Matriarch 400

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies
(South > North)
(South > West)
1 3x Marauder
55x Bandit
4x Marauder
3x Brigand
25x Giant Spiders
10x Spider Matriarch


  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Giant Spiders

Giant Spider

Quick, vicious enemies
resistant to magic.

– High magic resistance
– Low health
– Fast speed

Make sure you have enough
soldiers to stop them.

  • New Tower Unlocked!
Pedia tower Rangers Hideout

Fastest rate of fire and
excellent range.

  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Worg


Cunning fast beasts that can
dodge melee attacks and resist
magic attacks.

– Magic resistance
– Can dodge melee attacks
– Very fast speed

  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Spider Matriarch

Spider Matriarch

Tough magic resistant beast
that can spawn several

– High magic resistance
– Spawns Spiderlings
– Costs 2 live
– Average speed

They can quickly grow in
numbers and overwhelm you.

  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Marauder


Hulking, well-trained armored
outlaws, often seen leading
Brigands and Bandits.

– Slow speed
– Armored
– Costs 3 lives

Related Achievements

Achievement Forest Diplomacy FOREST DIPLOMACY Recruit max elves at The Silveroak Outpost.

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