The Sharpshooter Tower is a Level 3 Ranged Tower. It is upgraded from the Marksmen Tower.The tower is the same in both Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, with only a change in appearance.


Once Archers reach the Sharpshooter level, their attack range and damage potential increases above any other.

With even further range, faster attack speed, and higher maximum damage than Marksmen, Sharpshooter towers are extremely effective at shredding waves of unarmored units.

All archer towers can attack both air and ground units.


Kingdom Rush

Icon ArchRang Rangers Hideout

Icon ArchMusk Musketeer Garrison

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Icon ArchCross Crossbow Fort

Icon ArchTribe Tribal Axethrowers


  • As with all archers, Sharpshooters do well against non-armored units, such as Goblins, Desert Thugs, and Wolves. However, they share the same ineffectiveness against armored foes, such as Brigands, and Dune Raiders.
  • While not a particularly special upgrade, it is perfectly acceptable to leave a Sharpshooter tower on the field while you save up to upgrade to an advanced tower.

Related Upgrades

Kingdom Rush

  • Salvage: When sold, archer towers return 90% of their cost.
  • Eagle Eye: Increases archer attack range.
  • Piercing Shots: ignore a portion of an enemy's physical armor.
  • Far Shot: Increase archer attack range again.
  • Precision: Archers have a chance of dealing double damage.


  • Steady Hand: Increases marksman attack range.
  • Lumbermill Reduces basic archer construction costs.
  • Focused Aim Increases marksman attack damage.
  • Accuracy Increases marksman attack damage and range.
  • Twin Shot Marksmen have a chance of shooting two projectiles at the same time.

Related Achievements



  • Archers ready!
  • Bulls-eye!
  • Dodge this!

Strategy Notes

  • Good cost-to-damage ratio.
  • Effective against small numbers of leaking enemies, including flyers.

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