Shamans are tribal healers with high magic resistance and the ability to cast healing spells on themselves or nearby allies.


Tribal healers resistant to magical attacks.

Shamans are the game's introduction to magical resistance - otherwise they don't pose a big threat. They can generally be defeated with a sufficient physical damage output. However, they possess a healing ability, making their allies harder to kill, though it has limited range so keeping them away from their allies with soldiers can help if you don't have a strong kill zone.


  • Archers are the best way to deal with Shamans because the fire rate is sufficient to kill the Shamans before they can heal themselves.
  • In later levels, for example The Dark Tower Iron Challenge, Ranger's Hideout with level 3 Wrath of the Forest is handy, as it kills them in only one use on Easy and Normal difficulty.
  • Leveled towers in general can make it easier to thin the enemy numbers, reducing the effectiveness of the Shamans' healing.
  • Shamans do not have much attack power, so Barracks soldiers can be sent to hold them easily if need be.


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