Shadow Archers are strong enemies that can attack soldiers from a distance using bows.


Deadly accurate archers that will shoot at nearby soldiers in their path.

Cautious generals should be aware of the approach of a group of Shadow Archers. Their strong bows can quickly penetrate soldiers and reinforcements, opening the way for other enemies to march through. The Dark Knights they usually travel with are countered by magic towers, but the archers themselves contain a low level of magic resistance, allowing them to stay alive a little longer.


  • If your defense is barracks-heavy, keep these enemies away from your soldiers.
  • Once you have the level 5 upgrade for reinforcements, which gives them a spear-throwing ability, small groups of Shadow Archers may easily be defeated if you simply place reinforcements near the group (within spear range) with a least one medium-strength tower nearby for support.
  • Another good way is to keep soldiers at the end of their rally point and when the archers start shooting them, move them into melee range to stop the Shadow Archers from shooting (works best with groups of three). But also be aware of more archers and/or other ranged enemies such as Necromancers who may attack while your soldiers are busy with the first group of archers.
  • Their high damage bows often destroy allies, even ones with armor so keep these enemies distracted from killing your heroes, soldiers, reinforcements, etc...
  • Shadow Archers have a tendency to group closely together when attacking, so use high-level Artillery to defeat them in one fell swoop. The Big Bertha can dispatch groups of them quickly, especially combined with Cluster Bomb.
  • Barbarians can last a good while against them, and their Throwing Axes ability allows them to deal some damage back.
  • Their arrows deals 20-30 damage.