Screecher Bat
EnemySqr Screecher
HP 90 / 120 / 150
Armor Rating None
Magic Resistance None
Speed Fast
Lives Taken 1
Bounty 30
Abilities Flying
Stuns Soldiers

Screecher Bats are bats native to Duredhel, the capital city of the Twilight Elves.


Bats with a paralysing screech that even the mightiest troops can't stand.

As with the standard for flying enemies, Screecher Bats are fast, fragile, and want to reach the exits as fast as possible. Though not particularly hard to kill with archers and mages, they have the ability to stop and screech, paralysing a friendly unit, forcing you to invest in said towers as against heroes, barracks and reinforcements Screecher Bats will simply stun them before proceeding towards the exit.




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