Savage Zombies are zombies raised by Blood Tricksters from the corpses of other savages in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Reanimated fallen savages, they crave only brains... and plants.

Zombies are effectively 'second lives' of savages - they move slowly, but hit hard, have a lot of health and give no Gold, making them very obnoxious. As their Blood Trickster masters are usually in the back rows shielded by other savages, they can easily raise a lot of zombies before being killed. If you don't use Rain of Fire or keep them busy with reinforcements, your defenses might very well be overrun by stupid voodoo zombies.

Savage Zombies' corpses can't be RE-reused by Blood Tricksters to create more zombies. However, Necromancer Towers can use them to make skeletons.


  • They have a tendency of coming as a huge group, so DWAARP with Furnace Blast upgrade shines against them.
  • Necromancer Tower's skeletons can hold them off for a bit when buffed by Death Rider, and can even hold them longer when used with pestilence, as it deals massive area damage similar to that of DWAARP's.

Related Achievements

3Walking THE WALKING DEAD Kill 100 Savage Zombies.



Their description states that they crave only brains ... and plants. This could be a reference to Popcap's Plants vs. Zombies game.

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