Savage Warriors are the basic enemies encountered in jungle stages in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


A fearless tribal warrior with the scars to prove his rite of passage.

Savage Warriors are fairly basic enemies and aren't particularly difficult to dispose of. However, they have a bizarre ability to eat your soldiers after killing them, increasing their current and maximum HP by 50. Combined with the Witch Doctor's healing aura, Savage Warriors can become quite resilient, so avoid using too many unupgraded barracks. Templars outmatch them in every aspect, so they are the best soldiers to oppose them with. It is worth noting that Reinforcements are excellent for slowing them down, as they cannot be cannibalized (since Reinforcements run away when out of health, as opposed to dying).


  • Their lack of armor means that Archers can kill them along with any flying units. In later levels, Artillery can obliterate the hordes of savages that come to attack.
  • Mages have a high DPS to kill them one by one without them cannibalizing soldiers. Necromancers are especially effective because Skeletons cannot be eaten.
  • Any high-level Barracks are unlikely to die whilst facing them, but other units interfering such as Savage Hunters or Poukai Riders can amount to fatal damage.


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