Saurian Savants are extremely powerful Saurian wizards who can quickly summon an army of Saurians to the battlefield.


Powerful spellcasters, they can summon entire Saurian armies to the battlefield!

Saurian Savants possess a deadly ranged attack which can kill fragile heroes like Nivus or Ashbite in mere seconds. However, their most obnoxious ability is to summon entire armies of Saurian Broodguards, Saurian Nightscales and Saurian Darters to the battlefield, none of which give any bounty when killed. If the Savant summons a Nightscale when halfway through, the Nightscale will probably cloak and waltz past half your defenses. Unlike most other summoning enemies, Saurian Savants must remain stationary to channel their spell and move fairly slowly, allowing their minions to effectively shield them from damage. If left unperturbed, even a single Saurian Savant can easily overwhelm your defenses.

Saurians summoned by Saurian Savants do not give Gold.


  • Well-placed Tribal Axethrowers upgraded with Totem of Spirits can lock them down somewhat effectively.
  • If there are more than one Saurian Savants coming together, it's best to toss a Rain of Fire on them.
  • A Saurian Savant caught in a Twister while summoning enemies will be interrupted.
  • Placing reinforcements next to them will also interrupt their spell, exposing them to towers.


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